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Just a little about the Municipality:

As prescribed by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Order made under Section 25.2.(6)(b) of the Municipal Act, dated June 9th, 1999 and being effective January 1, 2001, The Corporation of the Township of Haldimand amalgamated with the Corporation of the Township of Alnwick to become The Corporation of the Township of Alnwick/Haldimand.

The Township’s population is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 0.58% for a projected population of 7,504 by the year 2034. Like the rest of the Province of Ontario, the Municipality will see population shares by age shift, particularly through a sharp increase in the proportion of seniors, while the population under 15 will decline. The current population contains a substantial portion of individuals over the age of 40. However, the Township is expected to follow the overall trend in the County of Northumberland and the rest of the Province, with an increasing proportion of seniors. This shift has implications for the future provision of health care, social and other services for the Municipality.

Based upon tax assessment for the fiscal year 2015, land tax classifications in our municipality are described as follows:

* 87.0% is classified as Residential
*   8.0% is classified as Agricultural
*   3.6% is classified as Commercial/Industrial
*   1.0% is classified as Pipelines
*   0.4% is classified as Managed Forest

Currently, primary industries (including agriculture) comprise the single largest employment sector of the labour force followed by tourism (resorts, campgrounds, bed and breakfast establishments). 

Providing a balance between much-needed community services while still retaining the identity of a countryside community, the Township continues to preserve its heritage and culture by ensuring access to open spaces and to the quiet enjoyment of country living,  As such, the municipality is an ideal place in which to live, work and raise a family.
 Geography, Environment, Population:

Alnwick/Haldimand Township is a growing community with a permanent population of 6,617 (2011 Census). The highest density of population is situated on the north shore of Lake Ontario and along the south shore of Rice Lake. The Township is 398.57 sq. kilometres in size and has approximately 404 kilometres of Municipal roads to maintain to Municipal standards. The Township is predominantly agricultural in nature as defined by its physical characteristics and history but it is also now characterized as a residential area as many individuals are seeking to live in an area where countryside preservation and controlled development exist hand-in-hand with convenient access to job markets, hospital and schools.

The Municipality has a number of Hamlets (Burnley, Centreton, Fenella, Grafton, Lakeport, Roseneath, Vernonville, Eddystone, and Wicklow) geographically positioned throughout the whole Municipality. There is a significant number of business and commercial enterprises scattered through the whole Township that provide local services and products. As well, a variety of highly specialized resorts and tourist destinations are thriving and are defining our municipality as an excellent place to freely experience the natural beauty of the lakes and countryside.



          “Unified from Lake to Lake, our community is rooted in rural traditions and lifestyle. We enjoy a fulfilling life here, in all four seasons. We learn from nature, celebrate diversity, and embrace progress as a accessible, inclusive community.”


         “Alnwick/Haldimand is committed to providing a comprehensive range of efficient and effective municipal services through collaborative leadership, resource management and fiscal accountability.”


         The strategic goals describe the results that the Township wants to achieve in its key areas of interest and responsibility. The strategic goals are of equal importance and are being pursued concurrently.

-Practice open, accountable and sustainable government to inform and involve all people.
-Provide services that protect people, property and the environment, promoting healthy lifestyles
-Address infrastructure, investment and renewal.
-Promote economic development
-Make a name change that everyone agrees on, and that is suitable to Alnwick/Haldimand.


Please take a few moments to complete the Survey below, to assist Council in gathering the electorate's thoughts on this Strategic Goal #1.

Thank you for completing this questionnaire.  Please forward to: Mrs. R. van de Moosdyk, Muncipal Clerk, Box 70 10836 Cty Rd 2, Grafton ON K0K 2G0; email; Fax 905-349-3259

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